Mount Edith Cavell: Glaciers and an Angel

Today I want to share a few more photos from one of my favorite places on earth–Jasper National Park in Alberta, Canada.

The mountains of Jasper continually call out to me, and I know that one day I’ll make plans to return there to spend a few days in a cabin at the base of a mountain or beside the rolling Athabasca River.

In the meantime, have a look at photos of Mount Edith Cavell and its Angel glacier.

A little bit of information about Mount Edith Cavell

A view of the mountain


Explaining the ‘Angel’.

Can you see her ‘wings’?

The angel watching over us.

The air remains cool here, even in July and August.

Signs of melting.

Have you seen angels in other parks, or is this angel unique? I wonder.

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More Unidentified Caribbean Flora

As a follow-up to a previous post, here are a few more Caribbean plants that I am unable to identify–can anyone help me out?

Wish I could remember what this is called!

Next post–a few Caribbean trees that I also can’t identify! Obviously I need help!

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A Few Caribbean Flowers

Here are a few of the many colorful flowers that add even more beauty to the Caribbean Islands. I don’t know the names of the flowers, so if anyone out there does, would you please add a comment to the post to let me know what they are? Thanks so much for your help!

Next Post: A few more unidentified Caribbean flowers!

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Enjoying A Buffet in Alberta

In November I visited my brother and sister-in-law in Alberta, Canada, and had the opportunity to witness visitors who came to their acreage every morning and early evening to sample the day’s buffet offerings.

While visiting I was able to snap pictures of a few of the ‘guests’ who visited their backyard. Hungry visitors!

Hello little deer!

Expecting company?

Nice profile!

Okay--I'm going to check it out, too.

Yum--it is good!

I love watching these visitors to the acreage….they are quiet and shy and don’t stick around so long that they become a nuisance….all qualities of great visitors!

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Rooster Cogburn? Nope; Rooster Caribbean!

A lot of roosters seem to roam free on Caribbean islands. They ‘strut their stuff’ on the side of the roads, in fields adjoining the roads, and at many of the tourist sites. They appear to lead quite the life!

Hello, Mr. Rooster.

Aren't you a find specimen!

Ready for your close-up?

Oh--sorry--I guess this is your 'better side'!

During my conversation with this rooster I asked if he was related to “Rooster Cogburn” and he assured me that he wasn’t. He said that he was, however, famous in his own right–he was none other than “Rooster Caribbean”! I think I’m fortunate he didn’t charge me to take his picture!

Have you come across any famous creatures in your travels? I’d love to hear about them!

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All Of The Monkeys Aren’t In The Zoo!

On Caribbean islands it isn’t unusual to have a monkey jump down from a tree limb and land just in front of you, or to hear them screaming at you from their havens high above in the branches, or to have one perch on your shoulder!

One little monkey.

My husband paid a local man to let this monkey sit on my shoulder!

Tomorrow’s post: “Rooster Cogburn? Nope; Rooster Caribbean!”

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Cliff Diving in the Caribbean

When my husband and I visited a few of the southern Caribbean Islands during a ten-day cruise to the area, we took a tour that included a trip to see ‘Cliff Divers’, local islanders who leaped off rocky cliffs to land in a pool of water at the bottom. The attraction was free to watch, but donations were highly ‘encouraged’, and we willingly complied. I was just happy that I wasn’t asked to take part in any ‘cliff diving’–I would have had to be pushed off, fighting and clawing against it the entire way!

Look at the man at the top of the cliff in the first picture, and see the splash he makes in the fifth photo!

Man heading to the jump site.

Ready to jump.

Off he dives!

Almost there!

Look at the splash!

Once again, just happy it wasn’t me jumping or diving off that cliff!

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