Could YOU Survive and Thrive in the Rockies?

One thing that amazes me when I visit the Rocky Mountains  is how nature adapts itself to harsh conditions. On the mountains I see a variety of plants that are hardy enough to live in atmospheres lacking in oxygen and sunlight and warmth, and not only do these plants survive in this climate, but they thrive. They blossom with colors of purple and pink and yellow and white, and their leaves are brilliant shades of green peeking out from rock crevices.

I often wonder if I could adapt to such harsh conditions…would I continue to blossom and flourish a midst rain and snow and gale-force winds?  Would you?


About Sylvia Morice

I am a writer and a former banker, instructional designer and facilitator. I am a woman, a widow, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend. I love words, humor, and humorous words. I write fiction and creative non-fiction, have had prose and poetry published in various literary magazines and periodicals, and have taught writing courses for adults. I have published several eBooks and POD books and hope to have more coming out soon. Thanks for dropping by and please, don't be a stranger.
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1 Response to Could YOU Survive and Thrive in the Rockies?

  1. Ginger says:

    Those tiny purple flowers sure are cheerful!

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