Submarine Ride off the beach of Waikiki

Here are a few more pictures from my visit to Honolulu and Waikiki last November. It was my first time in a submarine, and I was a tiny bit nervous as we descended to 120 ft under sea. Unfortunately, my camera didn’t take good pictures through the porthole, so I can only show you a couple that my sister-in-law took. Thanks for sharing with me, Faye!

Famous "Diamond Head" near Waikiki

The sun was very bright that day

Previous tour group leaving the sub...our turn is next!

Some of our sub's crew

Green Sea Turtle

Can't remember what fish this is...

Ready to head back to Waikiki Beach

Overall, we had a great visit to O’ahu…maybe one day I’ll have the opportunity to return.

Have you been to Hawaii? What is your favorite island?


About Sylvia Morice

I am a writer and a former banker, instructional designer and facilitator. I am a woman, a widow, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend. I love words, humor, and humorous words. I write fiction and creative non-fiction, have had prose and poetry published in various literary magazines and periodicals, and have taught writing courses for adults. I have published several eBooks and POD books and hope to have more coming out soon. Thanks for dropping by and please, don't be a stranger.
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