All Of The Monkeys Aren’t In The Zoo!

On Caribbean islands it isn’t unusual to have a monkey jump down from a tree limb and land just in front of you, or to hear them screaming at you from their havens high above in the branches, or to have one perch on your shoulder!

One little monkey.

My husband paid a local man to let this monkey sit on my shoulder!

Tomorrow’s post: “Rooster Cogburn? Nope; Rooster Caribbean!”


About Sylvia Morice

I am a writer and a former banker, instructional designer and facilitator. I am a woman, a widow, a daughter, a mother, a sister, a friend. I love words, humor, and humorous words. I write fiction and creative non-fiction, have had prose and poetry published in various literary magazines and periodicals, and have taught writing courses for adults. I have published several eBooks and POD books and hope to have more coming out soon. Thanks for dropping by and please, don't be a stranger.
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